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May 2016

Congratulations to Yahya Mourad, student in the Performing Arts Department, for winning the Best National Film at Tripoli Film Festival in 2016 for his short movie "Belonging: Tripoli". We wish him further success in the future.

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May 2016

From LGU to Cannes:

We are proud to announce that students "Elia Hkayem" and "Johnny Khoueiry" from the Performing Arts Department have had their short Films "Chehben" and "Sous wnokta" selected out of many films worldwide for Cannes 2016 short Film Corner. Their films will be projected at the Festival from May 16th till May 22nd. We congratulate our students on their hard work and wish them further success in the future.

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January 2016

The European Film Festival

LGU is taking part in the most prestigious students' film festival in Lebanon "The European Film Festival". The Participating movie is "One Story at a Time" by Nelly Chahwan. The short film will be screened on Sunday 31st January at Sofil 2 at 5:30 p.m. (read more)

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March 2015

The first publication under the new cooperation between Kassel University and LGU

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The first research paper between Kassel University - Germany and the Lebanese German University was accepted to the Third International Conference on Technological Advances in Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering, an IEEE conference that will be held in Lebanon between April 29 and May 1st.

We congratulate the Department of Biomedical Technologies for its efforts and outstanding achievements and look forward to a fruitful future collaboration with Kassel University.

February 2015

Patriarch Al-Rahi at LGU to underline the importance of the National Pact

The Lebanese German University – LGU hosted at its campus in Sahel Alma his Beatitude Patriarch Al-Rahi to open a series of conferences entitled “Great Lebanon, On the Verge of the First Centennial”. (read more)

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January 2015

Un grand pas vers l’Allemagne

Une coopération a été signée entre la Lebanese German University représentée par son président le Dr. Faouzi Adaimi et le Goethe Institute représenté par son directeur le Dr. Ulrich Nowack. (read more)

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LGU has provided me with the tools necessary to face professional life. Notions learnt in class are realistic and close to the requirements of the labor market. Today, I am proud and entirely satisfied to have been part of the LGU family. It has also given me memories and friends I shall cherish for the rest of my life. It has opened my mind to new avenues in the academic world. I will be back very soon for my MS.

Studying at LGU provided several key elements and skills that I now use in my current position at HNDL which is affiliated to LGU. The numerous courses we took during our BS program prepared me well for my job in the hospital. I also had a great opportunity to learn German which is an important language. My experience at LGU was not purely academic but revealed an amazing and well-rounded perspective of social life. Overall, it has been an enriching experience.

J’ai vécu 3 ans à la LGU, où j’ai débuté et achevé mes études en sciences infirmières. C’est une des meilleures universités de l’enseignement supérieur au Liban. Elle offre des cours de qualité, a une excellente réputation dans la région et m’a assurée de très bonnes opportunités de travail

June 2016

Haroun à la LGU: les hôpitaux libanais cherchent 7 000 IDE

Suite à la décision du Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur et les recommandations de l'Ordre des Infirmiers et Infirmières au Liban, l'examen physique sera dorénavant appliqué par les IDE, alors qu'il était auparavant une pratique réservée aux médecins.Ce changement de pratique vise, en premier lieu, le dépistage précoce du diagnostic médical et permet, par la suite, aux IDE de rendre un jugement critique sur les cas observés et d'assurer des soins appropriés et ciblés. (read more)

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April 2016

Food Fraud Detection 2016” competition

In October 2015, the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at LGU participated for the second time in the inter-universities competition entitled “Food Fraud Detection 2016” organized by the Ministry of Economy and Trade. LGU’s project entitled “Use of holograms with a temperature detector on packaging of cold cuts”, carried out by students Nadine Beaino, Chenzy Ghandour, and Ania Zakharia and directed by Mr. Elie Bteich, Mrs. Diana Boulos, and Dr. (read more)

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March 2016

LGU welcomes delegates from the Lebanese army

In line with the cooperation agreement it has established with the Lebanese army, LGU received on its campus in Sahel Alma highly ranked officers headed by Head Brigadier Dreid Zahreddine, Director of Studies at the Lebanese Army. The delegates met with the University Council and carried out in-depth discussions on the implementation of the agreement through an action plan that could be put into practice in the near future. (read more)

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March 2016

Practical OAP Education

On March 10th 2016, the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at LGU hosted representatives from NUMED to make a presentation on practical OAP education. This session offered students the opportunity to put into practice the theories they are learning in their courses at LGU and apply their knowledge using real clinical equipment and tools. The session was very interactive and educational. (read more)

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December 2015

Notty, Trio Mag and VitexD3: a great solution for stress and pain relief

In collaboration with Pharmakey, the Lebanese German University organized a conference entitled "Notty, Trio Mag and VitexD3: a great solution for stress and pain relief" on Wednesday 16 December, 2015. The conference held in LGU auditorium was opened with a welcome speech by Dr Paul Makhlouf, Dean of the Faculty of Public Health, who also introduced the first product "Notty" recommended for insomnia, stress, anxiety, and jet lag disorders. (read more)

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The Lebanese German University and the immigration of brains

Students at the Faculty of Business and Insurance at LGU organized a conference entitled « The Immigration of Brains » that aims to stress this phenomenon in Lebanon.(read more)

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An exceptional Christmas at the Lebanese German University

As required by tradition and in line with their non-academic activities carried out throughout the year and full of benevolence during the holiday season, LGU students organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs a charity event meant to assist families in need. (read more)

November 2015

Students at the Lebanese German University honor the heroism of the Commandos

In view of the difficult circumstances that Lebanon is facing, students at the Lebanese German University – LGU, wishing to express their solidarity with the Lebanese Army, celebrated Independence Day with the Commandos Regiment in Roumieh. It was a memorable day that allowed the students to know and take part in the various activities prepared for the purpose. (read more)

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September 2015

1st Conference on Fighting Infections Related to Healthcare

In line with its continuous training activities, the Lebanese German University – LGU, in collaboration with Notre Dame du Liban Hospital that seeks to encourage continuous learning in the medical field, organized the « 1st Conference on Fighting Infections Related to Healthcare » on 10, 11, and 12 September at its campus in Sahel Alma under the patronage of Professor Antoine Boustany, President of the Order of Physicians in Lebanon, Beirut. (read more)

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July 2015

Minister Bou Saab at LGU Commencement Ceremony

Bou Saab calls on students to stay in Lebanon and change the status quo

Under the patronage of the Minister of Higher Education, Mr. Elias Bou Saab, the Lebanese German University - LGU celebrated its 2015 commencement ceremony at Edde Sands, Jbeil on July 28 in the presence of the German ambassador, Mr. Christian Clages; LGU President, Dr. Faouzi Adaimi; Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Alexander Najjar; and a host of political, religious, social, and military figures as well as deans of the various faculties, the academic and administrative staff, and the students’ families.(read more)

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