Dear visitors,

Since its establishment in 2008, the Faculty of Public Health has been moving forward and prospering. Its intensive theoretical and practical courses equip students with academic knowledge and practical experience, widening their learning scope in readiness for a prospective professional career. The Faculty has so far graduated five classes in the various departments: Physical Therapy, Medical Sciences Laboratory, Nutrition and Dietetics, Biomedical Technologies, Nursing, and Medical Imagery to respond to students’ aspirations and needs, it has also elaborated postgraduate and DPT studies that will soon be implemented. in other respects, it has always been very active in the organization of and participation in conferences and workshops on topics of prime interest to the medical world.

With its enhanced curriculum, the Faculty provides excellent hands-on clinical training through internships in a variety of renowned clinical settings (hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and private clinics). Such comprehensive training equips students with expanded knowledge in all fields they are majoring in and make them confident to step into the labor market. On the other hand, their intensive training in hospitals, labs, and clinics have familiarized them with the various devices used in the medical field and helped them acquire all the technical skills they need when handling various apparatus and tools, and exposed them to various cases of great interest to them. In other respect, students have often proved themselves in inter-universities competitions for which they have been granted first and second prize.

In the Faculty of Public Health, students discover the humanitarian aspect of their vocation and are surprised by their ability to soothe and comfort and to enhance their skills as they learn. In facts, the Faculty prepares future health professionals for a very competitive market by helping them acquire the needed skills and a high sense of responsibility.

Besides acquiring both theoretical and hands-on knowledge in renowned internship venues, students also get involved in academic and social activities. They attend conferences organized by the Faculty and are active members in awareness health campaigns that benefit the community. It is also worth mentioning that all of them find jobs in their fields of study during their last semester at university.

We are confident that our Faculty has developed to meet the needs of students and labor markets and we intend to keep up our efforts to ensure continuous progress is carried out in every respect.

Dean of the Faculty of Public Health