The Lebanese German University was founded by the Lebanese German Association for the Promotion of Culture (ALAC).

Back in 1981, a group of Germans residing in Lebanon founded a non-profit NGO with the help of Lebanese friends in view of promoting and developing cultural and educational exchange between Europe and the Middle East – more particularly between Germany or other German-speaking countries and Lebanon, which is the heart of higher education in the region.

Today the Lebanese German University is the outcome of a 35-year journey in education that started when the Association and its Chairman, Doctor Faouzi ADAIMI, set out on their long mission:

  • In 1974, the Association founded the Technical Institute of Paramedical Sciences (TIPS). As an institute of higher education, TIPS has graduated more than 2500 students in the field of healthcare and is renowned for being one of the most acknowledged institutions of higher education in Lebanon.
  • In 1986, despite the difficult warfare conditions Lebanon was going through, the German School was established for primary up to high school levels. This reputable establishment has since witnessed growing popularity in view of its multi-linguistic approach which has offered all its students the advantage of mastering 3 languages (German, French, and English) besides their native Arabic. All students have to sit for the Lebanese Baccalaureate as well as the French one in addition to Sprachdiplom I and II for the mastery of the German language. Another appealing feature of the German School was the emphasis the administration lays on individual potential and the development of artistic and technical talents among all its students.
  • The German Cultural House followed in 1988 (Kulturzentrum) and has since been active organizing concerts, conferences, art exhibitions to help promote German culture, language, and art in Lebanon. The annual Kulturzentrum Festival is recognized by the Ministry of Tourism as an International Festival.

The Lebanese German University is another proof of the Lebanese German cooperation that has flourished over three decades in a most rewarding manner. The close academic links that are constantly woven with German and European counterparts, the fruitful cultural exchange that is building up, and the unrelenting endeavor to offer high quality education are once more exemplified in this superior academic establishment.