Description Amount Payment Type
  Faculty of Public Health   LBP 195,000 Per credit
  Faculty of Business & Insurance   LBP 180,000 Per credit
  Faculty of Education & Arts – Education   LBP 180,000 Per credit
  Faculty of Education & Arts – Performing Arts   LBP 195,000 Per credit

To apply for a need-based financial aid, excellence scholarship, or work-study grant, applicants should fill the Financial Aid Application within the set deadline on the academic calendar.

Administrative Fees

Description Amount Payment Type
  Application Fee   LBP 250,000 Once upon applying
  Entrance Test   LBP 50,000 Per test
  Registration Fee   LBP 300,000 Per semester
  NSSF Fee   LBP 205,000 Per year when applicable
  Late Registration Fees   LBP 50,000 Per semester when applicable
  Student Activity Fee   LBP 75,000 Per semester
  Make up Exam Fee   LBP 150,000 Upon request
  Fee for Incomplete Removal   LBP 75,000 Upon request
  Laboratory Fee   LBP 30,000 Per semester
  IT Fees   LBP 75,000 Per semester
  Pre- application for Transfer Students   LBP 30,000 Per application
  Parking Fees   LBP 132,000 Per semester
  Replacement of ID   LBP 15,000 Upon request
  Dorm Fees   LBP 150,000 Per month

Attestations Fees

Description Amount Payment Type
  Statement of Enrollment   LBP 10,000 Upon request
  Statement of Credits   LBP 10,000 Upon request
  Military Postponement   LBP 5,000 Upon request
  Official Syllabus   LBP 50,000 Upon request
  Internship Attestation   LBP 10,000 Upon request
  Hospital Training Attestation   LBP 15,000 Upon request
  Transcript Fee (official)   LBP 10,000 Upon request
  Transcript Fee (student copy)   LBP 10,000 Upon request
  Copy of Degree   LBP 10,000 Upon request

Graduation Fees

Description Amount Payment Type
  Degree Fees   LBP 50,000 Upon graduation. Degree delivered one month after submitting the senior project.
  Graduation Ceremony Fee   LBP 375,000