LGU IT Department provides modern technological systems that ease administrative tasks and facilitate the performance of overall services. It is committed to delivering innovative solutions, consistent follow-up on various issues relating to technology, efficient problem-solving actions based on collaborative teamwork, and ongoing communication regarding projects and service enhancement.

LGU IT Department provides all members of LGU community with a powerful administrative tool that facilitates their tasks inside the University and serves as a communication device for internal and external communication.

The IT Department also provides computer network and Internet access to administrative and faculty members as well as students in view of carrying out specific tasks, diffusing information, doing research, and communicating in an efficient and reliable manner.

Users of LGU IT systems are expected to respect the tools put at their disposal, not impair the software operations in any manner or tamper with its contents, not allow others to access their accounts in an abusive manner, and refrain from using the system or the networks for non-academic purposes, diffusing unsolicited or bulk mail or messages, using abusive language, or introducing viruses.

All students, instructors, and administrative staff are provided with free Wifi access on campus as well as an LGU email address that keeps them updated with the latest news the University is diffusing.

LGU IT system provides students with detailed information on their university fees, updates on the academic calendar, and thorough answers to their frequently asked questions. They can also consult their individual LGU webmail and portal to get the latest academic and administrative news, learn about upcoming events, and read important announcements.

For any support related to the internet, webmail, student portal or Wifi, kindly contact LGU IT Department on 961 9 938 938 ext. 306 or email: it@lgu.edu.lb