In our modern world, non-academic qualification constitutes a competitive edge not only due to the limitation of higher education ability to cover a wide spectrum of knowledge in one major, but also because of interdisciplinary needs among graduates and professionals.

A physician needs in addition to his/her professional knowledge a sense of community behavioral knowledge such as leadership and body language skills. Such skills have long been looked at as personal traits, but are now treated as acquirable skills through training and qualification.

What is true for physicians is also true for every métier where professionals are widening their scopes to better meet their goals and ambitions.

LGU is carrying out continuing education programs aimed at professionals who either lack qualification in a specific subject or need to deepen their knowledge on such a subject. The programs are customized to meet companies’ needs and suit groups.

We serve professionals in a wide range of expertise and industries: business, media, finance, personal traits, public health, education, engineering, law, hospitals, and medicine.

We are currently partners with Gates and the Syndicate of Hospitals in Lebanon through the Institute of Health Care Management and Quality (IHMQ). The institute provides a university diploma in Healthcare Management and Quality, a leading program that acquaints students and professionals with the latest theories and practices in the world of healthcare. The Diploma enables the participants to earn 42 European university credits in line with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

LGU has also partnered with the leading Business Consultancy and Training Center – BCTS to train fresh graduates and employees in different industries: hospitals, hotels, banks, and other business sectors. The program also caters for schooling and pharmaceutical fields.

We are also partnering with Arab Oil Training Center of AOPEC (Arab Oil Producing and Exporting Countries) to train employees and officers on a wide range of skills and professions.

LGU possesses training resources that include over 100 skills training courses used by top international companies in the industry and business fields from office management to risk analysis.

A great step was made through the academic cooperation LGU has signed with the Lebanese Army, whereby each party benefits from the training and abilities of the other.

Currently we are in the process of launching a new academic diploma in the franchising industry. The program is being prepared with top professionals in the franchising field.