Train physical therapists specialized in the evaluation and care of musculoskeletal system pathologies, more specifically those related to foot care.

Area of Competence

• Analyze and evaluate a case; elaborate a diagnosis relating to foot pathology
• Devise and evaluate a therapeutic project in podal pathology
• Devise and manage an instructive and preventive approach to foot pathology
• Evaluate and upgrade one’s professional practice
• Research, process, and analyze professional and scientific data

Study Scheme

The Master’s degree is made up of 60 credits, in conformity with the ECTS credit system, spread over a minimum of three academic semesters.
It includes theoretical courses, internship, and a final project.


To be entitled to register for the Master’s degree,  candidates must be holders of a BS in Physical Therapy or of an equivalent degree from a recognized university, in line with Lebanese law 96/99 dated June 18, 1999. Candidates should also have at least one year experience in physical therapy.

Selection Criteria

Selection is made following an evaluation of the application presented.

Matières générales

Cours Intitulé du cours
Crédits Prérequis
Semestre 1
  KIN610   Histoire de la profession, Radiologie, Examen clinique 3  
  KIN611   Troubles de la statique, Posturologie et réflexothérapie 4  
  KIN612   Biomécanique et organisations posturales 3  
  KIN620   Pied diabétique et dermatologie du pied 3  
  KIN697   Stage clinique 1 7   
  Semestre 2
  KIN614   Baropodométrie et outils d’analyse 3  
  KIN621   Grandes techniques d’appareillages podologiques
pathologies liées à la pratique sportive
  KIN622   Orthoplastie – Orthonyxie – Padding – Contentions 4  
  KIN624   Pied de l’enfant et pied rhumatologique 3  
  KIN680   Méthodologie 3  
  KIN681   Statistique 3  
  Semestre 3
  KIN698   Stage clinique 2 7  
  KIN699   Projet de Master 14 KIN680
 Nombre Total de Crédits 60