The Chartered Insurance Institute – CII is the first professional body of financial and insurance services that promotes high standards of integrity, competence, and business capabilities. With over 93.000 members in over 150 countries, CII is the largest of its kind in the world of business.
Universally recognized in various business fields, CII helps companies develop a competitive edge by introducing customized solutions that enhance employees’ technical and professional competence.

LGU is now the exclusive partner of CII in Lebanon. With its dedicated team of experts in the insurance field, LGU promises to deliver professional and personalized coaching and guidance in order to help and assist candidates successfully reach their targets within the deadlines set for each award.

With their joint programs, CII and LGU provide market-led qualifications serving all sectors of the insurance industry. These programs are highly adaptable to the ever-changing business world and to the revolutionary adjustments brought about by technological advances.

Candidates who successfully terminate any of the CII programs implemented at LGU are awarded one of the following diplomas:

  • Certificate in Insurance (40 credits) to graduates having acquired skills in basic insurance products.
  • Diploma in Insurance (120 credits) to graduates having acquired competency of the insurance industry.
  • Advanced Diploma in Insurance (290 credits) to graduates having acquired expert market skills.

Maximum flexibility is ensured to allow free choice of study units to fulfill the requirements of each diploma. Such freedom also allows optimum exposure to candidates and wide tailoring of courses that would fit the needs of both employees and employers.


The programs are so devised that the requirements of a particular diploma are used as basis to further achievements and build up skills for the acquisition of a higher diploma. All study units would therefore constitute a smooth passageway to more complex constituents of the learning process. From basic to key practices, all units ensure an extensive coverage of all subject areas in the insurance industry.

Assessment Methods

At every stage of the learning process, various assessment methods are applied whether in subjective or objective form. Candidates sit for an exam after completing every unit.


  • Insurance professionals (underwriters, re-insurers, brokers, managers) as well as inexperienced candidates (junior, senior…)
  • Fresh graduates having completed at least 90 ECTS business credits.

Entry Requirements for Professionals

  • A BS university level
  • Intermediate level of English
  • Basic computer skills

Entry Requirements for LGU Business and Insurance Graduates

  • The accomplishment of at least 90 credits of general requirements and core courses at the Faculty of Business and Insurance.
  • Intermediate level of English
  • An internship period at an insurance company

Areas of Concentration

During their studies, candidates can choose to focus on one or more areas in insurance; underwriting, reinsurance, claims, brokerage, Takaful. Specializing in Takaful would offer the opportunity to work in the whole MENA region where such insurance is witnessing a growing demand.