If you are applying to any of the three faculties, you need to:

  1. Provide us with a certified copy of your Lebanese Baccalaureate or an equivalent Baccalaureate acknowledged by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Lebanon.
  2. Submit the admission file that can be downloaded here or withdrawn from LGU Admissions Office. This file should be completed with all the required documents listed in here
  3. Pay the admission fees at the Business Office. These fees include file opening and the Entrance Test. For more details, click here
  4. Take the Entrance Test. The results of the test decide the level of remedial courses in language or other subjects. For more details, click here
  5. Benefit from LGU scholarship plan if you are an excellent student according to your school grades.
  6. Consult the online calendar to know about application and test registration dates. Click here
  7. If you are a transfer student from an accredited foreign or Lebanese university, you should fill in the admission file here and present all the required documents here including the academic transcript for all courses achieved at university. You also have to take the entrance test  as detailed in 4 above. The evaluation of credits that can be transferred is based on the criteria defined by LGU academic regulations.
  8. Admission Validity
    An admission is valid for the ongoing academic year. If you do not register within the academic year, you will have to submit a new application form and updated documents. The results of the entrance tests remain valid at all times. No admission is authorized for the summer session, noting that the first registration should be done during the fall or the Spring Semester.