The Department of Physical Therapy was first established in the ISPM Institute (Institut des Sciences Paramédicales) in the early 1970s. In 1999, the TS programs of ISPM were converted into BS programs in October 2008. The Department of Physical Therapy has since evolved to include a Master’s degree in podology that is provided in collaboration with EPM (Ecole de Podologie de Marseille), one of the largest podology schools in France. The Department is also updating its curricula to launch a doctoral degree in physical therapy (DPT) in response to the emergence of new dimensions in the field.


A physical therapist is a licensed healthcare professional that examines, evaluates, and treats a physical impairment in order to assist people who are physically challenged to maximize their independence and improve their mobility, self-care, and other functional skills necessary for their daily living.
The Department of Physical Therapy provides students with a university education recognized for over 30 years. Our success is due to the highly qualified teaching staff made up of instructors, doctors (MD’s and PhD’s), physiotherapists, who all provide close monitoring of students who are free to plan their program of study based on the ECTS system.
In order to graduate with a BS degree in Physical Therapy, a student must complete 240 credits spread over four years that include regular courses, the final project, and internships.
All LGU diplomas are recognized worldwide and a large number of LGU graduates work in Canada, Australia, France, Qatar, and the UAE.

Why choose LGU?

Studying Physical Therapy at LGU has many benefits. First, faculty members are leaders in the field, practicing as clinicians and focusing on different physical therapy areas. They are always available to assist students during their office hours. In addition, all teaching instructors and clinical educators have the highest qualifications in the field. Additionally, the internships are done throughout the whole curriculum in important clinical settings ranging from well-known hospitals in Beirut to more specialized institutions for handicaps and specific clinics having a targeted population.

Moreover, students collaborate with faculty on research projects to present at local and national conferences in order to enhance evidence-based practice.

Finally, our students are directly recruited upon their graduation since they have acquired a significant clinical expertise during their hands-on internships.


Agreements with centers/hospitals

Multiple internships during the four-year program take students to a variety of locations where they gain experience in the practice itself, administration, education, research, and community service. Clinical education internships ensure that students develop the skills and abilities needed to preserve patient safety and promote best practices. Internships are also diversified and include reeducation in rhumatology, traumatology, neurology, geriatrics, and sports.
Our hospital affiliates include:
• Notre Dame du Liban Hospital
• Notre Dame Antélias Hospital
• Arz Hospital
• Abou Jaoudé Hospital
• Middle East Heath Institute – Bsalim
• Cortbawi Hospital
• Beit Chabeb Hospital
• Bhannes Hospital
• Saint Joseph Hospital
• Clemenceau Medical Center
• Saint Georges Hospital
• University Medical Center – Rizk Hospital (UMC-RH)
• Kafaat – Lili Choueiry Center
• Kafaat – Beit el Adra Center
• Univerity Medical Center of UL – Hadath

LGU also has private clinics affiliates:
• Jihad Haddad Clinic
• Khalil Nassar Clinic


The department of physical therapy at LGU organizes several seminars and conferences every year on a wide variety of themes to promote the exchange of information among physical therapy researchers, instructors, physiotherapists, and students. In 2014, the Department was the first to launch the program of Quality in Physical Therapy in collaboration with the Order of Physiotherapists in Lebanon – OPTL in a seminar entitled “Walking Through and Towards Quality in Physiotherapy”.
Multiple conferences and seminars were also organized by the Department such as:
• Le Mouvement Humain : Activités et Précisions
• Actualités en podologie et perspectives cliniques
• Nouvelles Approches Physiothérapiques et Podologiques en Rééducation Sportive
• Découvrez, pratiquez le Kinesio Taping
Students also participate in all events and activities organized inside and outside LGU, such as health awareness campaigns, LGU’s Got Talent, Oktoberfest, German Cultural Week, the Strongest Team, Decathlons, Beirut Marathon, and many others.

Job opportunities

There are excellent job prospects for physiotherapists in Lebanon and the region and LGU professional networks help graduates find jobs in the field. Graduates with a BS in physical therapy have multiple professional opportunities. Some are self-employed while others work in hospitals, private clinics, academic institutions, with sports teams, and with international health organizations.

Future studies

LGU currently offers a BS in Physical therapy. However, students can decide to enroll in the MPH program offered at the Faculty Public Health in collaboration with the Faculty of Business. They can also choose to go for one of the MBA programs in the Faculty of Business. Students can also enroll in a Doctor of Physical Therapy program to obtain a DPT diploma.

Student’s Testimonials

Carine Hennaoui

« La LGU a constitué l’itinéraire au bout duquel j’ai pu obtenir ma licence en physiothérapie. Elle m’a permis de gagner une expérience importante dans ce domaine en m’assurant des lieux de stages relatifs à différentes spécialisations. Mon parcours à la LGU ne se limite pas à un simple champ éducatif mais à diverses activités socioculturelles qui, à leur tour, m’ont permis d’améliorer mes relations sociales. »
Patricia Stephan

« J’ai passé quatre années à la LGU. L’approche des professeurs a favorisé l’assimilation et la maitrise des contenus théoriques. Le doyen de la faculté, le chef du département et la coordinatrice des cours m’ont apporté beaucoup de support et leur disponibilité m’a permis d’atteindre mes objectifs académiques. Un grand merci. »
Nicole Marie Rita Khalifeh

« Les 4 ans d’étude passés à la LGU ont été inoubliables et riches en expérience. Grâce aux stages suivis dès la première année et aux multiples séminaires qui ont été organisés par la LGU, nous avons pu améliorer nos connaissances et rester à jour au niveau des innovations scientifiques et pratiques. Je remercie le Doyen de la Faculté de Santé Publique pour son suivi durant ces années, le Chef du Département et les coordinateurs pour leur encadrement, suivi académique et soutien moral. »

Success stories

The success rate of LGU students in the colloquium exams is 100 % since LGU was the pioneer to launch a physical therapy curriculum in Lebanon. In fact, there are many success stories about our graduates who hold distinctive positions in the physical therapy arena. It’s also remarkable that many of our students find jobs in their fields of study even before they graduate.