On November 23, Mr. Haroun, President of the Syndicate of Hospitals, opened the ceremony stressing the importance of quality education to promote public health for the benefit of the Lebanese community.In other respects, Mr. Tawfic Dabboussi, President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture of Tripoli & North Lebanon, heartily welcomed LGU in Tripoli on December 7th. In the opening address, he spoke about the importance of efficiently bridging the health and academic sectors, while highlighting the importance of targeting specific majors.

During these two meetings, Dr. Pierre Al Khoury, Vice President for Development, spoke about the masters programs in Hospital Management, Public Health, and Quality Management that are carefully designed to meet the health sector needs. He also explained that the objectives of these programs involve providing advanced skills in Hospital Leadership, Corporate Governance, Budgeting, Quality and Health Systems implications and meet the growing demand of all industries for standardization, accreditation, and general quality setup within firms. He also stressed the importance of enhancing the skills of professionals while developing their managerial and communication competencies.

For the purpose, LGU recruits top professors with major industry positions and long experience in higher education from Lebanon, Germany, France, and Sweden.

At the end of the event, the guests toured the facilities specially equipped for master candidates and shared a toast for the occasion.