Aware of the increasing impact of social media on personal life and the business world, LGU has designed a unique and pioneer master program in Marketing with an emphasis on Social Media. It is exclusively developed to meet the ever-growing wave of media networks and the current international trends in traditional as well as online marketing and to prepare corporations for the next business era.Learning outcomeThe master in Marketing and Social Media provides candidates with advanced theoretical background in marketing and online communication to enable them to produce a solid marketing strategy and implement adequate tools in compliance with the challenging Digital Age.Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to:
• Apply the knowledge acquired in conventional Marketing strategies and tools;
• Keep up-to-date with the most recent techniques in Digital Marketing and Social Media;
• Forecast future media trends and plan an exhaustive campaign while studying and analyzing consumer behavior;
• Select, design, place, monitor, and boost social media campaigns to promote the growth and position of any brand in the marketplace;
• Apply innovative ideas and unconventional methods to traditional Marketing Strategies;
• Demonstrate effective leadership skills in a team setting;
• Make strategic marketing decisions;
• Plan and budget Marketing campaigns and online strategies. 

Program Description

The program extends over 4 regular semesters. Each course consists of a theoretical part, a practical part, and a field-based part. In each course, participants will develop their own projects relating to the subject content and work environment. Each candidate is assessed through a combination of examinations, team exercises, group projects, and synthesis tasks.
A Global Research Project is required at the end of the program. It allows participants to integrate and consolidate the concepts acquired throughout the program and provide a solution or suggest improvement to a strategic issue within a private or public institution.
The Marketing and Social Media curriculum covers the following aspects:
– Basic business and managerial abilities ranging from quantitative and financial data to management and corporate governance;
– Advanced conventional Marketing topics, namely in consumer behavior and market research;
– Specific online communication tools and techniques with emphasis on their practical selection and appropriate usage.

Career prospects

The master degree in Marketing and Social Media enables graduates to land typical managerial positions in marketing, advertising, promotions and public relations. They can also fill positions as Brand Managers, Digital Marketing Managers, or Social Media Strategists. Potential employers include media agencies, non-profit organizations, and the marketing departments of medium to large corporations.

Program structure

– Courses are delivered mainly in English, two to three times a week in the evening to accommodate work schedules. Seminars given by international speakers will be held intensively over one week.
– Highly qualified industry-related professors from Lebanon and partner universities are in charge of interactive courses with international exposure in view of producing a professional project.
– Seminars abroad are available.

Admission conditions

• BA or BS from a recognized university with a good GPA level;
• Interview with the Graduate Admission Committee;
• Bridging courses, if needed.