Dear visitors,

The Lebanese German University is an example of Germans’ relentless endeavor to advocate first-class learning. With its higher aims and aspirations, it reflects a fondness of quality, integrity, and professionalism. It is indeed the fruitful outcome of a long-awaited project worked out by the Lebanese German Association for the Promotion of Culture to make quality education accessible to all and bring ‘excellence within everybody’s reach’.

LGU was inaugurated in October 2008 and is enlisted among higher education institutions in Lebanon, Presidential Decree 794, dated October 5, 2007. It implements the European LMD standards of education (Licence, Master, Doctorat) in all its faculties: the Faculty of Public Health, the Faculty of Business and Insurance, and the Faculty of Arts and Education.

LGU provides students with quality education and allows easy transfer to European universities due to the extensive collaboration it has built with various German, French, and other European universities and institutions, and the numerous agreements it has signed with European establishment since its opening.

While emphasizing quality learning, LGU has also set itself challenging objectives that uphold a rounded professional and vocational development of students, advocating multi-dimensional acquisition of knowledge, and promoting exposure to the vibrant Middle Eastern and European cultural mix. At the heart of its aspirations is instilling high ethical and human values that would further a spirit of tolerance and moderation among all its students.

WELCOME TO LGU where we promise you Excellence within your reach.

Faouzi Adaimi M.D.