Amid the latest innovations that the healthcare system is going through nationally and internationally, Lebanon has always been abreast of current trends in healthcare management in the region, and in compliance with the strategic goals of two elite organizations, a partnership between the Lebanese German University (LGU) and GATES has been established to bring you an exclusive program to meet your aspirations.

The IHMQ provides a University Diploma in Healthcare Management and Quality, which is a leading program that enables candidates to embark on the latest theories and practice in the world of healthcare.

It also allows healthcare organizations to:

  • Have a competitive edge over other hospitals;
  • Educate their staff to the latest trends in healthcare management;
  • Provide staff with tools to establish, implement and enhance the quality management system;
  • Acquire accreditation systems;

Candidates who successfully terminate the IHMQ university diploma program implemented at LGU are awarded:

  • A Diploma in Healthcare Management and Quality (42 European credits)

The program is customized to suit healthcare workers and all students who want to pursue a higher level of education.


The program is devised to be the basis for further achievements and to help to build up skills for the acquisition of a higher diploma. All study units would, therefore, constitute a smooth passageway to more complex constituents of the learning process. From basic to key practices, all units ensure an extensive coverage of all subject areas in the healthcare industry.

Assessment Methods

At every stage of the learning process, various assessment methods are applied whether in subjective or objective form. Candidates will either sit for an exam after completing every course or have a project and presentation submission.

Entry Requirements for Professionals

  • Bachelor degree in any subject in the healthcare sector.
  • Bachelor degree in any subject not related to the healthcare sector plus 3 years experience in a healthcare setting.
  • Master degree in any subject not related to the healthcare sector plus 1 year experience in a healthcare setting.

Each candidate will be assessed based on the admission criteria set by the IHMQ. Some candidates will require undergoing remedial courses in English and others will have to undergo some pre-requisites in the topics of health, such as medical terminology, economic, and business.