The Lebanese German University is a higher education institution operating in Lebanon and promoting German methods, discipline, openness, and integrity at all levels. The mission of LGU  is to uphold economic, social, cultural, and environmental progress for the Lebanese community. This mission is achieved by producing graduates competitive in the global economy, supporting a continuous search for new knowledge and solutions, and maintaining a rigorous focus on academic excellence. More specifically, LGU’s mission is to:

  • Promote an environment that welcomes women and men of all races, religions, nationalities, beliefs, and cultures;
  • Advance an atmosphere that values intellectual curiosity, the pursuit of knowledge, and academic freedom and integrity;
  • Uphold a professional education that enables graduates to compete in a diverse world market;
  • Foster interaction among faculty and students characterized by critical thinking, ethics, and values;
  • Offer a wide variety of off-campus educational and training programs to individuals and groups as part of a life-long learning process;
  • Partner with different communities to provide educational, technical, and cultural support to boost the well being of those communities;
  • Partner with the business world and governmental agencies to improve the quality of the workplace and serve as an engine for economic and cultural development;
  • Contribute to improving the Lebanese quality of life, protecting the environment, promoting the well-being of families, and conserving natural resource;