Welcome to the Lebanese German University Sports and Recreation Department

LGU Sports and Recreation Office offers students a large variety of activities ranging from intellectual to extremely physical ones. Some of these activities are offered as elective courses and others are integrated in the different teams of football, mini football, futsal, basketball, chess, tennis table, pool, and shooting, among others.

At the beginning of each academic year, LGU Sports and Recreation Office selects new recruits among talented students to be part of the university official teams; they are then provided with efficient training carried out on professional courts by certified coaches throughout the academic year to enable them to represent LGU in inter-universities tournaments and official championships that take place in different local universities and clubs across Lebanon.

Presiding the Lebanese Universities Sports Federation organizational committee of pool and shooting tournaments, LGU Sports and Recreation Office organizes every year, under the auspices of the Lebanese Universities Sports League, the Lebanese Universities Shooting Championship for men and women at the Lebanese Army Shooting Club, where over 20 participants from different universities compete for the “Nasri Jamil Lahoud Cup”.

The Lebanese Universities Pool Championship that takes place at LGU premises attracts the participation of over 18 Lebanese universities.

Furthermore, aiming to promote social bonds and build close ties among LGU students, the Office encourages inter-faculties competitions of table tennis, chess, and basketball and the yearly “Strongest Team” where students split into teams that confront each other in endurance, strength, and speed.

At LGU, you can also benefit from a wide range of extracurricular activities in the most reputed sports complexes in the region, where you are offered special packages. To find more about our offers, you can contact the Sports and Recreation Office.