In line with its mission that aims to promote culture among Lebanese community members through a wide range of off-campus educational and training programs and in view of meeting the growing need for high standards local musical education, LGU has established partnership with JHGuitarSchool to offer our students as well as interested individuals and groups, music and guitar education programs.


Through world-class guitar lessons, master classes, innovative teaching formats, and music workshops, these multiple programs teach students of all ages and skills the fundamentals of guitar playing and music knowledge.

The programs cover solfeggio, theory, harmony, musical creativity, songwriting, improvisational skills, and real life training, among other invaluable skills.

Through this partnership, LGU’s highest priority is to prepare children and adults to real life musicianship and guitar mastery.

Most courses are given over 45 hours of combined classes and training generally taken over one year.  They can also be taken intensively in a shorter period of time if students wish to progress faster.

Guitar for beginners

Designed for students with no previous guitar experience, this course is a one to two-year course (divided into Beginners 1 and 2). Students will learn the basics of guitar with a strong focus on the forms of finger picking, good posture, basic theory and note reading, chords and scales knowledge. A repertoire of songs will be also introduced.

Guitar for Intermediates

This course is a two to three-year course (divided into Intermediate 1, 2, and 3). It is designed for students who have successfully completed and mastered the skills of Guitar for Beginners. Students will learn many different styles, skills, and techniques required to become skilled guitarists.  Areas of concentration include: note reading, aural skills, advanced theory, rhythmic patterns, chord arpeggios and scales studies, musical forms, improvisation, repertoire, and most importantly involvement in real performance experiences.  A progression of technical proficiency is expected during the first year.

Guitar for Advanced & Beyond

This course is an ongoing learning process. At this stage, mastery of scales, chords, and arpeggios is required as well as mastery of the guitar fret board. Mastery of one or many popular styles, such as funk, blues, rock/metal, country (finger style & folk guitar for acoustics) is also expected from students.

At this point, students can enroll concurrently in the Mastering Guitar Techniques course.

Mastering Guitar Techniques

This course is aimed at students who have successfully completed the first year of Advanced level courses for Electric and Acoustic guitar. Its main area of focus is mastering techniques. Students will work on refining their craft and combining and integrating these techniques. A lot of attention is granted to tiny details that can make a significant difference for an advanced player.

Students will also receive guidance and direction in solving problems related to playing the guitar on a professional level.

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