Program description:

Teaching German as a foreign language is an innovative program offered at the Lebanese German University in collaboration with Goethe-Institut. It aims to meet the Lebanese schools needs in order to guarantee the professional development of German teachers.

The program teaches students – through theory and practice – how the German language is taught and studied as a foreign language. The courses prepare participants for the didactics of teaching German as a foreign language taking into consideration the education system in Lebanon.

Basis of Admission :

Baccalaureate II or equivalent.

Any other accredited BA – Some courses might be transferred in that case.


Minimum period of 3 years

Number of Credits ECTS:

180 credits


Click here to download the Curriculum.

Courses language:

German and French

No previous knowledge of German is required.


The department has combined a program leading to a BA degree in Preschool and Primary Education, with concentration on Teaching German as a Foreign Language.

The program aims to promote professionalism in educational practice and to enhance the teachers’ role in the field of education. It prepares university students to develop professional understanding of children’s specific learning needs, competencies in techniques and methodology of teaching in addition to adequate knowledge of subject matters taught in Preschool and Primary classes.

Within this perspective, the objectives of the major will help students to:

  • Acquire learning theories approaches and teaching methods, used according to the Lebanese field framework;
  • Manage ethically and humanly a classroom group;
  • Learn about learners’ characteristics;
  • Demonstrate skills in dealing with difficult students;
  • Develop competencies related to classroom management techniques;
  • Analyze and develop didactic situations related to preschool and primary education,

by referring to methodological options and the content proposed by the Lebanese curriculum;

  • Deal with theoretical and practical issues concerning didactics.

The concentration “Teaching German as a Foreign Language” within the BA in Primary and Preschool Education targets students who wish to expand and deepen their linguistic, literary and cultural competencies relating to the German language. It constitutes a basis for training and qualifying teachers capable of transmitting knowledge in the field of German language through a linguistic, literary, historical and cultural approach.

The courses provide training on the mastery of the German language, the development of literary and linguistic skills, the acquisition of cultural knowledge, in addition to specific didactics to teaching German as a foreign language.

  • Know the fundamentals of the German language;
  • Understand the complexity of the learning/teaching of foreign languages;
  • Understand features of the European language politics, curricula, standards of education and their influence on lessons design;
  • Recognize multilinguism in the classroom and combine it with other acquired foreign languages;
  • Use the language, spoken and written, in a correct and effective way and  in varied contexts;
  • Speak with ease and interact in various situations;
  • Master linguistic, cultural and literary knowledge of the German language;
  • Acquire didactics skills related to the teaching of the foreign German-language : planning – designing analyzing – evaluating;
  • Mobilize a knowledge related to the German-speaking culture relating to its history and contemporary situation.

Job prospect:

Graduates will find job opportunities in schools (Lebanese schools, German schools, PASCH schools) as teachers for German as a foreign language or as coordinators of languages. They can also join German-related organizations.


Agreements with recognized universities in German relating to students’ internship and exchange program have been signed. Students will have the opportunity to discover German educational fields that will support them to reinforce their teaching competencies, through an internship to be conducted in Germany.


Instructors recruted for teaching of the German part of the program will all be approved and certified by Goethe-Institute.


Students can benefit from exceptional launching scholarships and get all the needed details relating to the program at  LGU Admissions Office.