Dear visitors,

As a newly appointed president of the Lebanese German University – LGU, I welcome you to our website and to our university. Our late president Dr. Faouzi Adaimi founded LGU in 2008 on the basis of German relentless endeavor to advocate first-class learning. Indeed, since its foundation, LGU has acquired a well established reputation for quality teaching and good ranking diplomas reflecting its fondness of excellence, integrity, and professionalism. This relentless effort has led us to obtain official accreditations for Master degrees in our three faculties: Faculty of Public Health, Faculty of Business and Insurance, and Faculty of Education and Arts as well as a Doctorate degree in Physiotherapy (DPT).

Besides providing students with quality education, LGU enables their transferability to European and worldwide academic institutions. For the purpose, it has signed many agreements with European establishments, and continuous efforts are carried out to establish further quality contacts with European universities mainly in France and Germany. Widening our scope of academic training centers and reinforcing the acquisition of double diplomas are our priorities.

As high quality learning must be accompanied by a high level of research by our teaching staff, I aim to further promote quality research with my team of vice presidents, deans, and instructors. This will be another token of quality confirming the high ranking of our university amidst other academic establishments in Lebanon in spite of its small size.

At the heart of LGU aspirations is instilling high ethical and human values that would further a spirit of tolerance and moderation among all its students.

Beyond walls, rooms, and premises, a university is first a place for people to live and work together as a family, each fulfilling his/her responsibilities. In this spirit, let us assume our responsibilities for the good of all and work together in high spirits to reach our objectives.

WELCOME TO LGU where we promise you Excellence within your reach.

Pr. Dr. Samir MATAR