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Awareness campaign on food safety

The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at the Lebanese German University – LGU organized, in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy and Trade, Consumer Protection Directorate, an awareness campaign on food safety from shopping to handling and storing food in the kitchen. The event took place on Friday 31st March and Saturday 1st April 2017 during which Nutrition students visited many supermarkets in Zouk Mosbeh, Jounieh, Sarba, Haret Sakher, and Jbeil and distributed brochures providing “Tips for a Healthy Family – From Cart to Kitchen”. They also gave consumers nutritional advice on how to keep their food safe from the moment they buy it until they consume it. It was an entertaining and informative event!

World Consumer Rights Day at LGU

On the occasion of World Consumer Rights Day, celebrated on March15th, the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at LGU organized, in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy and Trade (Consumer Protection Unit), an awareness campaign on the role the Ministry plays to protect consumers, promote their rights, and advise them on the procedures to follow when filing a complaint, using Hotline 1739 or the Consumer Protection Lebanon App.
During the event, which took place on LGU Campus in Sahel Alma, students offered home-made healthy snacks, such as fresh juices, cakes, and fruit salads. As in every event, the students were actively involved and motivated!

The project « Free Public Health Day » proposed by LGU was selected by the Ministry of Social Affairs and the World Bank to be part of the « National Volunteer Service Program ».
Aware of the importance of prevention and health maintenance, the Faculty of Public Health at LGU organizes two free public health days. This non-profitable project aims to initiate students to voluntary work and develop their sense of social responsibility while practicing their majors requirements (in nursing, physical therapy, medical analyses, nutrition, and biomedical technologies) in order to contribute to the prevention of diseases and the maintenance of a healthy community.
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